Grand Coral Beach Club

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White minimalist lounging sofas elegantly set on a wood deck around a beautiful swimming pool that merges with the mesmerizing ocean are the perfect scenery for celebrating the most stylish events. Found within the great Grand Coral development, this highly exclusive beach club was recently the venue for FTV Beach México Mercedes Benz 2008 fashion show. Its highly functional facilities and outstanding beach offer an endless array of possibilities for celebrating beach parties, formal dinners and fashion shows. The deck can host groups of up to 150 persons and it is the only beach at Riviera Maya that can host groups of up to 1000 guests. At just 5 minutes from Playa del Carmen and with unlimited parking space, it guarantees easy access for all your guests.

Our clients are saying

“I wanted my wedding to be magical, unforgettable. Every detail fulfilled and exceeded my expectations.”

— Adriana,